Angie Romans, New Patient Coordinator

Angie Romans has over 14 years’ experience in the medical field in Administration and she has a strong passion for helping people find a natural way to be healthy.  She began researching holistic health over 26 years ago and loves sharing her passion with anyone that she can.  She also has many years’ experience working in the nutritional supplement industry and has extensive knowledge on many different products.  She heard about Dr. Edwards from a relative and was drawn to Veritas Medical.  She then joined the Veritas team and is our Patient Advocate.

“When I heard about Dr. Edwards & Veritas Medical which means “truth” I knew I had to work here. We shared the same passion of helping people get healed, spirit, soul & body.  I joined the awesome team at Veritas and have been in awe of how God has put this clinic here and built this team to help people!  This is truly my dream job and I’m so thankful to be a part of Veritas.”

Angie is the first team member each new patient will meet with during their Orientation and she will be their guide as they begin their journey into the Veritas Healthy Community.