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Look over these FAQ’s to learn more about who we are, what we do and why we do it.

What’s Veritas Medical all about and what can I expect when I come there?

Veritas Medical was founded by Dr. Edwards out of a desire to truly help people get well instead of just managing symptoms with pharmaceuticals. Once it became clear to Dr. Edwards (and supported by the medical research) that diet, lifestyle, and environmental toxins were at the very root of most all western diseases including heart disease and cancer, he wanted to create a clinic that helped people address these things.  So, Veritas Medical’s purpose is to help educate you and support you on making diet and lifestyle changes; however, we can also still be a “regular doctor” and treat symptoms with pharmaceuticals or with supplements if that is what a patient desires or needs. 

What to expect:

-an initial visit that lasts 1-2 hours which will cover your entire medical history since birth, an exam and a review of your bloodwork. It is best to get bloodwork done prior to your first visit (we have a very affordable cash only lab at our clinic or we can write an order for labs to be drawn at your lab of choice that may take your insurance)

- a plan will be given to addressing the primary issues that appear to be at the root of your symptoms or disease. 

-After the first visit, you will have access all the private online resources as well as the Wellness Navigators who can help answer your questions, give you specific advice and tips along with general guidance through the initial steps of changing your diet and lifestyle. 

-a follow-up visit will be scheduled with a nurse practitioner or physician assistant within 1-3 months depending on the severity of a person’s disease and the availability of the practitioners. 

-The long-term goal is to have everyone symptom free and just following up once a year.  At the annual visit, the practitioner will be asking you questions, examining you and reviewing your bloodwork looking for early signs of inflammation before it has a chance to turn into a full-blown “disease”.  We believe that the value of the membership is really in the ongoing education and support as well as healthcare cost savings such as discounts on supplements and labs. 

What does it cost to come to Veritas Medical? And will you take my insurance?

Please follow this link to a complete price list. An initial visit fee for an individual $285. Then membership price is $65 a month, giving you access to discounted labs, a discount on an office visit along with unlimited access to all the support services including, but not limited to,, our Veritas wellness navigators, and our Veritas education site. One annual follow up visits is included at no charge. All other follow-up visits are $150 each. 15-minute acute urgent care visits are $35.  There are also nonmember price options.

We do not accept insurance. The current insurance system in America forces doctors to see patients for an average of seven minutes and we are not able to perform our job adequately for you in that amount of time. Therefore, we have to operate outside of the current health insurance marketplace. For labs, we can write an order that you can take to another facility that can charge your insurance for your labs. However, many of our patients have high deductibles, significant co-pays, or certain labs just aren’t covered by their insurance, so many people find out cash prices are a better option. We also strongly encourage people to look into HealthShare ministries and health savings accounts. Most if not all HealthShares will pay for the follow-up visits and some of the labs and procedures we perform. We do accept health savings account debit cards also.

Do you treat [fill in the blank]?

We treat people, not diseases.  There is no symptom or diagnosis that would preclude someone from becoming a Veritas patient.  We often say that we don’t treat any diseases because what we really do is focus on helping you change the diet and lifestyle habits that research shows are the root cause to just about every western disease... including the top killers of heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.  It is a radical shift of mindset but we do try to ignore, to a degree, the diagnosis label and focus on teaching the patient how to give the body all that is required for normal function and removing from the body anything impeding normal function.

Do I keep my current doctor?

You can keep your current doctor, and we can act as consultants or we can be your PCP.

Is this basically just a diet change?

No. We believe all 4 pillars, (nutrition, hydration, movement and peace) are important to achieve and maintain health and wellness.  Of course, with the standard American diet being the most deadly diet man has ever invented, it is extremely important for people to get off of that and start eating real food. So, yes, most people do need help to change the diet and our goal is to teach you WHY that needs to happen and then help you do it.  We meal plans, grocery shopping list, cooking videos along with Wellness Navigators to help answer your questions and guide you along the way of changing your diet over to real food.  But, fair warning, people can eat perfectly all day, every day but if they have a tremendous amount of stress in their life, their body can’t function properly. Also, sitting all day and not filling your body with clean, mineral-rich water have devastating consequences too.  So, we encourage a holistic approach to health, not just a diet change.

If I live far away, is it still worth it to become a member?

Yes. We see a number of people from out of town, out of state and occasionally out of the country.  The state of Texas requires us as medical practitioners to have a face-to-face visit once a year in order to establish a doctor-patient relationship, to be able to diagnose and to be able to prescribe. However, all the additional follow-up visits after that initial visit can be done via phone, Skype, or FaceTime.  Since much of what we do is monitor people for signs and symptoms of inflammation and then simply teach people about and support them in their diet and lifestyle changes, most of what we do can be done long distance. We make a concerted effort to keep the vast majority of our education and support services available virtually so out-of-towners can still benefit from our services.

How often will I come see my practitioner?

 As often as you feel like you need to. Some patients feel like they need more frequent visits and support while others feel like they need more time between visits to implement the plan they received at the previous visit.  The practitioners will give their opinion and for the vast majority of new patients who are not extremely sick, they can plan to be seen every 2 to 3 months. For those who are extremely sick, they may need a monthly visit for a few months.  However, the goal is to move relatively quickly into a healthier state so that the follow-ups can be spaced out to 4-6 months and eventually annually.  For those of you who are well and just looking for a clinic like ours to be your PCP then just an annual visit will suffice.

Will I see a doctor or a nurse practitioner or physician assistant?

This depends on what location you will be going to and if Dr. Edwards’s schedule is open to new patients at the time that you come.  Currently, our Abilene and San Angelo offices are staffed by nurse practitioners only.  At the Lubbock office, Dr. Edwards would love to see every new patient for their initial visit and then have them follow up with a nurse practitioner or physician assistant; however, due to the sheer volume of patients needing our services, that is not possible. Dr. Edwards has trained each nurse practitioner and physician assistant and is available to each of them by phone if not in person.



Understand pricing and the one-year commitment.

  • Fee due at your first visit $285
  • Monthly membership fee: $65 per month with a one-year commitment. (Please note that after the one-year commitment, the membership continues on a month-to-month basis until canceled.)
  • One annual follow-up visit is included at no charge. All other follow-up visits are $150 each.
  • $35 for 15-minute phone and acute care visits.
  • $75 for 30-minute case reviews.
  • Veritas Market annual fee $99.
  • Veritas lab work panel $140 (Tests not included in the Veritas Panel are additional).
  • For couple and family pricing, click here for full price list.



  • One time consult is $800.
  • $100 for 15-minute phone and acute visits.
  • Veritas Market annual fee $99. Available as a stand alone. Sign up at
  • Veritas lab work panel $400.  Additional individual lab tests are $30 each (price may vary depending on the test).
  • Messaging with your practitioner is additional and charged depending on the length/time required by your practitioner.

If you have additional questions, contact our Administrative Coordinator Jami Slim here:

New Patient Questions

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As Veritas Medical has continued to grow over the years, we’ve come to a point that our Lubbock office is at capacity. We can really only add a new patient when an existing patient leaves or if there’s a cancellation.

However, for those that are eager to join and do not wish to wait we do offer a second option to our traditional visits. Your first visit would be at our Lubbock office via Skype with either Segelle Bryan, our Nurse Practitioner in our Abilene office or Randi Skelton, our Nurse Practioner in our San Angelo office. Both Segelle and Randi used to work out of the Lubbock office, have been with Dr. Edwards for a number of years and are both very, very capable. Towards the end of the visit one of the Lubbock office practitioners will be come in to perform the physical exam. You will also have the opportunity to meet with one of our Wellness Navigators during this visit to review any nutrition related questions you may have.

All follow-up visits with Segelle or Randi would continue to be via Skype or FaceTime. You will still receive the full services of the Lubbock office such as the kitchen, labs, IV’s, acute care, and wellness navigators. Our ultimate goal is to have patients only need one or two follow-ups a year with the nurse practitioner while interacting with the rest of the Veritas family more often, so although not ideal, we feel like your care and support will still be excellent.

Just let me know if you would like to proceed with scheduling one of these virtual visits or if you’d prefer to wait for a future slot to open with a local practitioner.

Please fill out and submit the new patient contact form below.  We will add your information into our charting system, Power2Patient, and you will then receive an email invitation to create your “patient portal.”  This is where you will sign the required documents and complete your medical history. Once you have completed your Power2Patient process please message Jami Slim through the patient portal you just set up to let us know the setup is complete and we can proceed with scheduling your first appointment.

If you do not receive the Power2Patient registration email within 48-72 hours, please call 855-683-7482.

New Patient Contact Form