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We highly recommend you get to know us better by first watching this short video explaining more about who we are.

For a deeper understanding of Veritas before signing up, we have more resources on our Learning about Veritas Page.

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MEMBER Understand pricing and the one-year commitment.
  • Fee due at your first visit $285
  • Monthly membership fee: $65 per month with a one-year commitment. (Please note that after the one-year commitment, the membership continues on a month-to-month basis until canceled.)
  • One annual follow-up visit is included at no charge. All other follow-up visits are $150 each.
  • $35 for 15-minute phone and acute care visits.
  • $75 for 30-minute case reviews.
  • Veritas Market annual fee $99.
  • Veritas lab work panel $140 (Tests not included in the Veritas Panel are additional).
  • For couple and family pricing, click here for full price list.
  • One time consult is $800.
  • $100 for 15-minute phone and acute visits.
  • Veritas Market annual fee $99. Available as a stand alone. Sign up at
  • Veritas lab work panel $400.  Additional individual lab tests are $30 each (price may vary depending on the test).
  • Messaging with your practitioner is additional and charged depending on the length/time required by your practitioner.
As Veritas Medical has continued to grow over the years, we’ve come to a point that our Lubbock office is at capacity. We can really only add a new patient when an existing patient leaves or if there’s a cancellation.

However, for those that are eager to join and do not wish to wait we do offer a second option to our traditional visits. Your first visit would be at our Lubbock office via Skype with either Segelle Bryan, our Nurse Practitioner in our Abilene office or Randi Skelton, our Nurse Practioner in our San Angelo office. Both Segelle and Randi used to work out of the Lubbock office, have been with Dr. Edwards for a number of years and are both very, very capable. Towards the end of the visit one of the Lubbock office practitioners will be come in to perform the physical exam. You will also have the opportunity to meet with one of our Wellness Navigators during this visit to review any nutrition related questions you may have.

All follow-up visits with Segelle or Randi would continue to be via Skype or FaceTime. You will still receive the full services of the Lubbock office such as the kitchen, labs, IV’s, acute care, and wellness navigators. Our ultimate goal is to have patients only need one or two follow-ups a year with the nurse practitioner while interacting with the rest of the Veritas family more often, so although not ideal, we feel like your care and support will still be excellent.

Just let me know if you would like to proceed with scheduling one of these virtual visits or if you’d prefer to wait for a future slot to open with a local practitioner.

Please email with your name, phone number, date of birth, and region of interest (Lubbock, Abilene, or San Angelo) to get the process started with new patient enrollment.


We will add your information into our charting system, Power2Patient, and you will then receive an email invitation to create your “patient portal.”  This is where you will sign the required documents and complete your medical history. Once you have completed your Power2Patient process please message Jami Slim through the patient portal you just set up to let us know the setup is complete and we can proceed with scheduling your first appointment.

If you do not receive the Power2Patient registration email within 48-72 hours, please call 855-683-7482.


Dr. Edwards STRONGLY recommends that anyone waiting for an appointment with Veritas Medical sign up for the $99 Veritas Wellness course here.



Participants will meet once a week for one hour via Zoom with a Veritas Wellness Navigator who will guide them through both education and practical tips on the Veritas 4 Pillars of nutrition, hydration, movement and peace.  When people address the diet and lifestyle issues that lead to inflammation in the body, then often times their inflammation, symptoms, and diseases resolve!


If you have additional questions, contact our Administrative Coordinator Jami Slim here:

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