Debbie Hernandez, PA

Debbie earned her nursing degree at Methodist Hospital School of Nursing and went on to West Texas A&M University to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After a long career in nursing, she went on graduate from University of North Dakota as a PA in 2001. She practiced in a busy general surgery practice for almost 14 years before joining the team at Veritas Medical.

“My journey to Veritas Medical is a highly improbable one. I had been in traditional medicine for 40 years and really wasn’t looking for a change. A relative invited me to hear Dr. Ben’s talk about about wellness. I had no real expectations other than learning about how our diets can make us sick. Shortly after he began, however, I learned the was so much more. He explained and demonstrated how the body was designed by the Creator to heal if we give it what it needs and not what it doesn’t need. This made so much sense to me. I had never considered or been taught that diseases could be prevented and even reversed instead of “just managed”.

Before the evening was done, I asked him to please consider me if he ever decided to expand his practice. After returning home, I told my husband that I believed that God had led me to hear that message and this is what I needed to be doing for the rest of my life. God did work it out in His time, and I have never looked back. There is so much joy in seeing people being restored to health.”