Veritas Medical: San Angelo is a branch of Veritas Medical: Lubbock and is operated by Randi Skelton NP-C, GNP-BC.

To members in the San Angelo area Veritas Medical offers:

Normal follow up visits to discuss treatment plans.

Hormone testing and bioidentical hormone replacement

Acute visits for things such as upper respiratory infections, sore throats, urine infections, GI viruses, etc.

IV nutrients: Currently offering same day IV vitamin C and we offer IV magnesium and Myers’ cocktails within a few days upon request. Soon we’ll be offering specific IV vitamins for each patient based on hair mineral analysis.

VCS vision screening and metaoxy urine tests for those patients participating in the True Cellular Detox program.

Neurofeedback- this is the Clear Mind program. Neurofeedback is a form of brain training that helps the four brain waves, delta, theta, alpha, and beta, become balanced. When the brain waves are brought more within normal limits, there is an improvement or resolution in psychological symptoms associated with conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADD/AHDH, PTSD, insomnia, and autism. Neurofeedback begins with a quantitative EEG (AKA brain mapping). This qEEG gives information on what protocol to use for the twice weekly 30 minute clear mind sessions. The recommended treatment duration varies based on the patient’s needs and symptoms, but the typical treatment duration is about 15-20 sessions. Many neurofeedback patients experience long term resolution of symptoms even long after treatments are discontinued.

And more is coming! We are hopeful to get a local account set up with Quest Labs in San Angelo by Summer 2017 so we can offer affordable cash prices for labs as we have at Veritas Medical: Lubbock.