Lori Johnson, Nurse Practitioner

Lori Johnson has spent the last four years as a registered nurse in the pediatric department at a local hospital, and a Charge Nurse in a rural hospital over the floor and emergency center.

“I went into nursing to have the opportunity to provide people with an environment that best promotes healing.  I decided to become a Nurse Practitioner with hopes of having even more opportunity to assist people in the healing process.

Like most people here, I saw that in traditional medicine, patients continued to have the same problems, and I felt we were just masking symptoms with medication on top of medication. I heard about Veritas from a family member, and after doing research on Veritas’ philosophy, I found that it really was the basis of true health and wellbeing.

The model of health care Veritas follows matches my desires as a provider to assist people in physical and spiritual healing.

I’m passionate about the view that we are to maintain patients’ health and that if our patients are healthy then we are doing our job.  I’m really excited about the work being done at Veritas and so blessed for a chance to be a part of the team.”