Michael Vaughn, Director of Clinical Services

Michael Vaughn started working in the medical field as a Medical Assistant pretty early- (she was only 16 years old!).  Throughout her career she’s worked nearly every aspect in the medical/hospital setting, with the majority of her time being in management.  By bringing Michael to us here at Veritas Medical, God has brought us a wealth of knowledge and experience running and managing the clinical side of a medical office.

“I’ve worked for a several corporately managed hospital facilities and brought efficiency and success in my positions, but my spirit sacrificed for it by having to do things in a worldly manner and not guided by the Lord. Since He’s placed me at Veritas Medical my spirit has grown and the Lord continues to bless my life.”

“I am passionate about what Dr. Edwards’ beliefs are and getting the truth to our patients.  Daily I get to witness what the Lord is doing in our patients lives.  For me, being a part of Veritas Medical has allowed me to use my gifts and skills to be exactly who I was made to be.”