Randi Skelton, Nurse Practitioner

Randi Skelton is an adult and gerontological nurse practitioner. She completed her bachelor’s degree in nursing at Angelo State University before going on to receive a master’s degree in nursing from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston in 2011. She worked as a hospital RN for five years prior to completing her nurse practitioner training. She then worked as a house-call nurse practitioner, providing in-home primary care to elderly patients for a year prior to coming to Veritas.

Why I moved to an integrative practice:

“If you ask any nurse why they are a nurse, they would say because they want to help people. That is precisely my reason as well. Helping others was my motivation as I was going through school and my focus as I began to practice as a nurse practitioner. The problem was, I noticed that none of my patients were actually getting better. I realized the whole concept of “managing” diseases basically meant you keep them alive, even though they are in pain, debilitated, and constantly having the same recurrent problems. The more I tried to help people, the sicker they seemed to get. I knew there had to be a root cause to these conditions labeled “chronic diseases”. If there was a root cause, there had to be a solution. Correcting the cause of a problem sounded like it would help people much more than covering up their symptoms. So, through some very not-so-coincidental circumstances, I came to work for Dr. Edwards here at Veritas. Working in an integrative practice is by no means the easier way of taking care of people, but it’s worth it. It excites me to help coach and guide people towards true wellness.”