Start Getting Healthy


-If you aren’t fully convinced that being well starts and ends with a healthy gut and diet then I would encourage you to get convinced. You need to know the why behind what you are doing. This will motivate you to sustain a lifestyle change. Some helpful things to educate and renew your mind:

a. Try reading a daily,,

b. Read some books: “Wheat Belly” or “It Starts with Food”

c. Watch some youtube videos:

d. Movie night with the family:
-Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
-Food, Inc
-Genetic Roulette
-Fed up
-Hungry for change


Either little by little or go all-in.

Depending on how sick you are, how aggressive you want to make changes, what your goals are and just your overall personality, I recommend that you start eating more and eventually only “God-food” and avoid “man-food.” As you educate yourself more (see step 1), you’ll come to understand the link between diseases and the processed, food-like substances (yes, even the “healthy” whole grain cereal, 100% fruit juice, and margarine!) that most of us are eating before we get educated. The more and more man touches, changes, and processes God derived food, the less and less nourishment and health it will bring you. A basic guideline is to eat lots of different colors of veggies, clean meat (grass fed, organic), nuts, seeds, eggs, less sugary fruits like berries. This leaves out grains and sugars. If you watch and read some of the resources in step one above, you’ll know the whybehind this advice. Some people jump right in and remove all grain/sugar from day one and others need to slowly substitute healthier ingredients in for the less health (example: start using real butter instead of margarine, coconut oil instead of crisco, or coconut sugar instead of other sweeteners).

For those that want to jump right in you may consider a 30 day plan like what they offer at For those going slower you may want to buy a cookbook like “Against All Grains” or “Well-fed” and just start experimenting with a few different recipes while you keep educating yourself.


Most people are not able to get all the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that their body requires from food available at the grocery store. Complete nutrition through food can be accomplished but this day and age it is very hard (modern farming techniques, soils depleted in minerals, produce picked 5 days early, etc). You can read more about this here: supplements. The key foundational supplements I take myself and recommend for everyone are a high quality:

-a good green juice powder like Organixx

-a good trace mineral drop like Fulvic 400x

-a good source of WHOLE FOOD vitamin C like Innate Response

-a good source of magnesium like magnesium malate, glycinate or chelate.

There is more to learn, and as you continue to mature you’ll learn about other sources of inflammation that can lead to disease. But, it all starts in the gut so simply starting with this basic plan is essential to any further treatment protocols.