As a new member of the Veritas Healthy Community there some key things that Dr. Edwards wants to make sure that you understand regarding the basics of what we do, how to approach changing the way you eat, the level of chaos inflammation can cause in your body, and where we’d like to see every Veritas member end up.  So, he’s put together these 7 videos to give you a pretty complete picture of what he’d like to communicate.  It’s very important that you take the time to watch each of these videos fully and understand the information completely before you get started at Veritas.  Having this knowledge will help motivate you as well as answer many of the, “Why should I do that?” questions you may have.

Grab a healthy snack and start watching!

Veritas Medical can be your PCP, offering complete healthcare in a much better way than you’ve experienced before.

What is Functional Medicine?

Dr. Edwards explains (in a nutshell) the approach of functional medicine.

The Diet Continuum

Dr. Edwards talks about the diet continuum, and how, in most cases, we don’t expect you to jump straight to the end of the line on the first day. (unless you really want to!)

How to Just Eat

Changing your food habits isn’t as hard as you might think.

Inflammation Part 1: The Common Denominator

We know inflammation is a problem, but why is it a problem and what can we do to avoid it?

Inflammation Part 2: Terrain

You have to drain the swamp to get rid of the alligators.

The VHC Member

What does a Veritas Healthy Community member look like?