Segelle Bryan, RN, FNP-C

Segelle Bryan has been an RN since1999 working in hospital and OB/GYN office settings as well assisting in surgical procedures. She earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2010 and master’s in family nurse practitioner in 2014, both from Texas Tech University. While advancing her education she worked in home health, the ER and taught LVN classes.

“After graduation I was a nurse practitioner in a rural health clinic, treating patients in a conventional manner.  Often they would come back having little or no improvement or with a new, related issue. As often as possible, I would encourage them to take a more functional approach to getting healthy.  Searching for more growth and information led me to Veritas Medical. Here I found other professionals practicing functional medicine, putting God first and encouraging others to live a smarter, healthier lifestyle.

I have always been a person that believes the body will heal itself if taken care of appropriately. By God’s will, I was able to meet the staff and spend some time at Veritas Medical. I immediately knew this was the place God wanted me to practice functional medicine and honor Him. The beliefs and practice of this clinic are a perfect match for me. I look forward to every day working with Dr. Ben Edwards and the team at Veritas Medical.”