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Here at Veritas Medical, our goal is to teach the patient how to maintain a state of health. The more common approach to medicine, on the other hand, is more reactionary: We wait for the symptom to show up and get bothersome enough and then treat the symptom with a pharmaceutical or a surgery. Prevention or reversal of root causes is not a mainstay in our traditional way of practicing medicine.

With this in mind, we have decided to offer a monthly membership plan to assist patients in living a lifestyle that promotes wellness. There is no need to just wait around to be one of the statistics (1 out of 2 American men will get cancer and 1 out of 3 women; half the population will die from cardiovascular disease, millions will suffer the slow death of diabetes or Alzheimer’s dementia, and 1 out of 68 kids born today suffer from autism spectrum disorder, up from 1 out of 5000 in 1975). These are preventable!

A membership is designed to keep you healthy and well, providing all the care you would receive as your primary care provider as well as many additional benefits you won’t find at a typical doctor’s office because we aren’t just a medical clinic. You’re becoming part of a community. Our goal is to provide the resources and support to develop a structure for a true community of like-minded people who want to get healthy and stay healthy and become a beacon of what real health care should look like: Making healthy choices and living life to the fullest.

At Veritas we see 4 pillars of health that are vital to restoring and maintaining your health, Nutrition, Hydration, Movement, and Peace. Without these four core things in place, the stability of your life, in general, will fail. Take a look at these 4 short videos for a quick primer on the 4 pillars.

Your Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant will assess your medical issues and create a short and long-term plan to get you back on track and help you stay there. This typically revolves around Nutrition and some Detoxification. In some cases, further testing may be ordered, such as HTMA, hormone levels, or for toxins. Part of the goal here is to re-mineralize and detoxify.

Your long-term goal should be health self-sufficiency. We want to teach you how to take care of yourself, with an ultimate goal of a single annual visit for blood testing to assess how you’re doing. You’ll be utilizing the Veritas Healthy Community resources (Veritas Education, Veritas Kitchen, Veritas Garden, and Veritas Movement) to stay up to date with the latest health news through classes, newsletters, videos, micro-tuneups and the many other offerings of the VHC. Although all your medical visits are covered in your membership, your monthly membership fee is really designed to cover your proper education, nutrition, exercise, and garden support, because your healthy lifestyle is the key to long-term health.

Membership includes:

Veritas Medical as your Primary Care Provider

Everyone has little accidents or gets a bug every now and then. Many of our patients are surprised to find out that Veritas Medical also covers all of your primary care services.

We prioritize acute care issues with same-day or next-day visits, and we can even provide appropriate services via Skype and Facetime, email, or by phone if necessary.

As a member, you also have complete access to additional treatments and services to repair and maintain your health. You’ll have access to:

Veritas Movement

• Exercise videos for all levels of fitness
• Weekly group exercise activities

Veritas Kitchen

• Membership to Veritas Life private facebook group.
• Nutritional counseling by our Wellness Navigators.
• Healthy cooking and shopping classes through videos on Veritas Education.
• Recipes, and meal plans on Veritas Kitchen.

Veritas Education

Keep up with the latest medical and health-related information and innovations that Dr. Ben and the Veritas Team learn about and put into practice.

Learn both how to take care of yourself and why the changes you’re making to your lifestyle make a difference.

• Access to Veritas Education. An online curriculum of educational and maintenance videos, animations and interviews that will be available to all members.

Veritas Garden

Veritas Garden is here for both the reluctant and excited gardener and everyone in between! The biggest hurdle for many is simply, “How do I start a garden?”, and we’re here to help you with that with instructional videos, harvesting times and tips, and even one-on-one instruction, advice, and hands-on help if you want it.

Other Features:
• Discounted cost for labs, IVs, injections, and supplements.

…And those additional services are getting even better! As our member base grows and we are able, we plan on adding:

• Chiropractic care
• A massage therapist
• Creating member priced foundational supplement packages
• And even adding routine dental care to the list of services available to members

At Veritas Medical, the goal for every patient is to achieve their healthy weight/circumference, become symptom-free and eventually wean off all pharmaceuticals. This would be considered true health. Our bodies were designed to be able to achieve those 3 goals and maintain them, and we want to provide the kind of support and community to help you achieve these goals.

It does you little good to use all the tools in your toolbox to build a house, then, once it’s built, throw your toolbox away and no longer maintain the house you worked so hard to build, only to watch it fall into disrepair and decay. An ongoing membership gives you access to the tools you need to get healthy and, most importantly, stay healthy.

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