Corporate Wellness

Sure, as an employer you want employees to take fewer sick days, spend less time at doctor’s appointments, and be more alert and energetic in the workplace, but your deeper goal should be to improve the wellbeing and lives of the people that have been put in your care, both on and off the job.  The Veritas Healthy Community can help you achieve that goal corporately in the same way we’ve been successfully helping members set and reach their goals individually.



The goal is to assess where your employees are in their mindsets and then customizing an education program to foster the changing of their mindset from sickcare to true wellcare.

· Live, on-site and remote video presentations initially and periodically
· On-line video teachings
· Newsletter
· Initial blood panel can be very educational/motivational


· Individual appointments to move patient from ill to well (initial 1-2 hour visit and 30 minute follow-ups as needed depending on each employees needs/disease state)
· Per hour rate
· Initial comprehensive lab panel and targeted follow-up lab panels individualized to patient’s needs


· Continuing education (lectures, videos, on-line support)
· Free office visits
· Foundational supplements at reduced price (vitamin d-3, fish oil, multivitamin/mineral)
· Yearly maintenance check-up


· Cooking classes
· IV treatments like vitamin C, magnesium, peroxide, etc
· Infrared sauna and ozone treatments
· Ozone treatments
· Customized add-ons (pantry makeover, grocery store tour, dinner parties, etc)
· Cost based

Contact us for more information on our Corporate Wellness program.

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