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We’re glad you’re interested in getting yourself healthy. Helping you get your body functioning how it was intended to is our goal. We just want to take a few minutes to explain the basics of our approach and thoughts about your health.  Please read this over to help you understand how and why we do things the way we do.

Veritas Medical’s Philosophy: Your body can heal itself by giving it all God intended for it to have and avoiding all that it was never intended to be exposed to. We help you achieve your body’s best internal environment through the 4 pillars of health:





We’ll help you apply these 4 pillars to your everyday life.

Healthy Community: Our long term vision is a population of patients that are well and really only need to see us once or twice a year for an annual review or the occasional urgent care visit.  We believe you shouldn’t need a medicine cabinet full of medication and monthly visits to 3 different specialists to keep you going.  Through education, application of what you learn, yearly testing and our guidance to get your body as self sufficient as it can be, we hope to greatly reduce, or even eliminate any need for frequent doctor’s visits.

No Insurance:  In a nutshell, taking insurance is costly for any medical practice, and that cost just gets passed on to you, the patient, so we’ve made the decision to create a membership model instead.  We’ve done the math and with co-pays, deductibles, varied procedure coverage, etc… we’ve found that it’s much more cost effective for patients to simply follow this membership model that we’ve created for Veritas Healthy Community.  Dr. Edwards addresses this topic specifically as part of the new patient welcome video series which you’ll find below.

Our approach to your health, and all of our decisions are based on what will benefit you, as a patient, most.

We’re excited that you’re ready to start! So that we can be fully ready for you when you come for your orientation, we need to get some basic information from you, so please fill in the form below and hit the submit button. You’ll receive a call back from Jami within 48hrs to set up your orientation appointment and give you some other information.

You can be healthy again.

Dr. Ben and the entire Veritas Healthy Community family
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