IV and Vitamin Drips

Intravenous delivery of vitamins offer the advantage both greatly increased absorption rates and much faster absorption over oral delivery.  Bypassing the gut in the absorption process is much more effective, especially for patients who have conditions that make their vitamin absorption mechanisms inefficient to start with. Veritas Medical currently offers the following IV services, with more coming soon:



Vitamin C (10, 25, and 50 g)


Glutathione/NAC- mini immune boost

Myers Cocktail- good for detoxification after MAH, UVLrx, rectal ozone and bladder ozone


Power Shot- mini metabolic/energy boost

Magnesium Drip

Metabolic Drip- promotes muscle building and rapid recovery post workouts

Stress Drip- to assist with adrenal fatigue and also increases immunity

Immunity Boost Drip- is a strong immunity booster

Vitamin C – detox and natural chemotherapeutic