Womens Health

At Veritas Medical we offer full Well Woman Annual Exams which include a review of systems, a head to toe assessment (including clinical breast exam and pelvic exam), lifestyle assessment and possible wellness modifications, including bio-identical hormones, lab work and possible pap smear (according to patient history).

We also believe in the importance of quality prenatal care and delivery support, which is why Christine Stuart, CNM will be available to perform prenatal visits. Historically, midwives have proven to produce better health outcomes than conventional western obstetric techniques. Childbirth has been going on for thousands of years and just coming along side and assisting mom during this time should be the goal, not disrupting or interrupting the normal process. Veritas believes in the value of midwives and wants to support midwives and their quality practice. Along with performing prenatal visits and care here at the Lubbock Veritas office, Christine can also offer delivery at UMC or at her birthing center, The Birthing Spot.
Christine will be functioning at Veritas as an independent practitioner and has separate fees for her services. If you would like to make an appointment or discuss anything with her, you can contact her through the form below, not through our front office. Although Christine is an independent practitioner, we have complete confidence in her skills, ability and heart, and we fully want to support the holistic prenatal care that she provides.

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